Never experienced this amazing customer service before! I rarely write reviews online, but in this case I had to. We’ve been looking for an specific bunk bed for our kids for quite a long time. We found the bunk bed at several online stores but when called them, we experienced awful customer service. Then we contacted Bedder Buy to support the local economy and found Sonia super friendly, she took our desire for this bed seriously, made us feel she genuinely cared. We were flabbergasted! She is the kind of person that returns customers phone calls and remembers every detail. Even if everything doesn’t go as plan, you’ll feel you are not left out in the cold with this store. I’ll recommend Bedder Buy to everyone and will keep going back to them for any furniture needs. Honestly we haven’t experienced this customer service before ever! Sonia is doing a GREAT job! – Luisa L.

My daughter was shopping for a new bed and went from store to store. She told me that there was one “lady” who she thought was giving her the best deal and she wanted to buy from her. I told my daughter DO NOT buy anything from anyone til you go see the girl I bought my new living room stuff from. I went and pulled out the card, and GUESS WHAT??? Same person, same Sonia! She is wonderful!!!!! CONGRATS SONIA, YOU are the best! This place deserves 5 stars for sure!!!

We originally came in to buy a waterbed. Sonia was wonderful and took her time to go over all the different types of waterbeds available. I explained to her that my husband was fine with the mattress we purchased 8 months ago but not me. I had developed a sciatica problem that was getting worse each day and if a waterbed didn’t work…..he would probably divorce me. My mantra “I know this mattress is why I am in pain!” had taken its toll on him. lol.

Sonia asked if she could make one suggestion before we made our waterbed purchase. THANK YOU SONIA for introducing us to EcoMemoryFoam!!! It’s been a life saver…and a marriage saver for sure! We love our bed!

There was no pressure for us to make the purchase that day. Instead, Sonia gave us her contact information and answered all our questions. Almost a week later, we went back and got a great deal on our mattress, pillows, foundation and even a headboard – which after 15 years of marriage…we have never had – plus great delivery and setup service – we know for sure where we will be making our future purchases and recommendations to family and friends. Congrat’s Sonia on allowing your kind personality to steer your sales ability. It was a pleasure to work with you! Thanks for your help. – Donna J

I have no hesitation recommending A Bedder Buy. My experience there recently was above and beyond. I have to give full credit to Sonia, who started helping me find a very particular item all via email (so easy as I work at a computer all day). Because I was so impressed by the service I was receiving without having stepped foot in the store, I decided to go in after work and flip through catalogs myself. I ended up staying for over an hour and a half, and at least 30 minutes past closing. The staff didn’t bat an eye. In fact, they were so friendly and didn’t mind hanging out with us while we conducted our search. This is a business that you WANT to give your business to!! – Jessie H.

We just purchased a bed and furniture for my daughter’s first apartment. She knew exactly what she wanted, but had no way to figure out where to get it in the quality and price her parents could afford. Sonia at A Bedder Bed was FABULOUS! She gave us tons of options at many price points and was able to deliver 5 days after the order. WOW! In this era of no service big box stores, it is great to find businesses like this still around! – T.P.

I love shopping at family owned and operated businesses, because I think I can get the best deals. Bedder Beds is run by a very nice family. Sonia helped me out a lot, and spoke with her father personally over the phone to get me the best price. I bought a beautiful carved wood frame and Simmons custom designed futon sofa for just $499. Unbelievable! They’re delivering it tonight also. Overall I found it to be a wonderful experience. – Anne Marie S.

Great local business with affordable prices; family owned and operated. Friendly staff ready to make a deal. Would definitely recommend! – Jay A.

I found some great beds here for my kids. They have a nice display of several twin platform beds with wood/color options that work for boys or girls. Until you start looking for twin beds, you don’t realize how hard it is to find the right thing at a reasonable price. I was just about to give up and buy the cheapo frame at IKEA when I saw a craigslist posting from A Bedder Buy showing a perfect bed for us! Sonia was very friendly and helpful and it was all very easy. There are lots of random furniture stores around and I appreciated being able to read good things on Yelp ahead of time so I figured I’d add my recommendation, too. – Madeline G.

Just a note to let you know how much we are enjoying our new Eco-memory bed. Thanks to you both for suggesting it. (and Maria, too). The ‘triple-teaming’ us really worked. We are so happy we decided we ‘had to talk to Seymor’ before making our final bed decision. Not only was our financial savings substantial, we feel like we made the best choice of all of the beds we considered – with your help, of course. Thanks again – and all the best to you and your family!! – Jill and Neil

While shopping around for new bed and becoming disappointed with the dishonesty, mark-ups, and secretiveness of the other big mattress chains in San Diego I walked into A Bedder Buy and was blown away by the difference.

Not only did A Bedder Buy list the real prices at which they were selling the bed ($600 versus $1200 at mattress chain store), they helped me obtain information about the specs on the bed that I was interested in purchasing. The saleswomen went so far as to call the mattress company representative so that I could have all of my questions about coil gauge and foam thickness answered.

Before you purchase a bed anywhere else it is worth your time to visit this store! – E.D.

Finally found the bunk bed that we were looking for and we are very happy with the price and customer service. The staff did an excellent job helping us find the right bed. Thank you! – Mr. S

Hello Sonia, thank you for the coupon and so far the new Eco Memory Foam mattress is nothing short of fantastic! I love the feeling I get when your body weight starts to sink down into the foam and then you are fully supported all around. My wife, who has had tremendous issues with sleeping well through the night, is now sleeping all the way through and feeling much better during the day. I wish we had looked at this option long ago, but I am glad we finally switched! Hope you have a happy thanksgiving holiday and merry Christmas this year. – John & Rosie

We wanted to report back to you on our mattress purchase. You may recall we bought a memory foam mattress from you last weekend. We installed it in our motor home and have only slept in it 5 nights, but we are hooked. My wife is waking up with no pain in her hips, where our normal mattress evidently put pressure and caused morning pain. – Kirk & Laurie

Nice stuff — really interesting non-bed furniture and lamps also. Will definitely be coming back. – Carol C.

Outstanding customer service! Found just what I was looking for in minutes. I will certainly be back. – Steve O.

It was such a pleasure to do business with you. I absolutely love my sofa and the pillows look great. I don’t know if I told you what happened that day when I found that sofa on Craig’s list. I was honestly looking at sofas all day on there. Then I decided to look on Jerome’s, Mor, and Ashley furniture’s web pages. Well when I got to Ashley I saw that sofa and just loved it! I didn’t want to spend $800 on it though. So I typed in Ashley on Craig’s list. When I opened your ad I almost fell off my chair because you had the couch I just fell in love with! I had prayed God would find me a couch so you were definitely an answer to prayer! So thanks so much! I’ll definitely keep you in mind for a new mattress 🙂 – Lory

Thank you Sonia for the nice email. The bedroom setup went without a flaw and the young brothers did a fantastic job and worked their fingers to the bone. Very hard working men and a real pleasure to see. I had a sixteen year old boy staying with me this weekend and I only hope that watching those young men work gave him a little more appreciation for the value of always doing your best, no matter the difficulty of the task. The mattress is perfect and very comfortable. Overall you and your family business gets a triple A, Five Star rating for service and product. Thank you for everything and I will refer you to my friends and will shop at your store when in need of furniture. – Joe

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